September 14, 2014

ME + PHOTO Challenge: Day 13 & 14

Welcome back (I say to myself)! Going back to school has been super busy, trying to figure out future projects has been more than super busy. So these things happened and now I'm on my way to the day 13 & 14 of my challenge! This time, I wanted to do something different with the photos, so I went back to the time when I found out about moving pictures and adored them so much that I absolutely had to learn how to do them. Of course, first attempts were total flops but now, after some time, I finally get it how to do them properly! Gives some twist to the photo challenge :)


There's no person in particular (except for Niall, lol) that I want to meet. Though, there is a certain, let's call it, type of person I'd really like to meet and have as a friend. I love being backstage and I admire band stuff. See where I'm going? :D Yes, I'd like to meet someone who was in a band, or touring, or having gigs so that I could see and experience the whole process! From rehearsals to setting up and from real performances to spontaneous chill gatherings. I want to experience that so much and meeting people who do this would be out of this world for me.


When I first read the topic, I wanted to say that like every person, I'm in a strong relationship with food but then I remembered that we have many serious issues, so now I'm confused. Let's say that we're in a complicated relationship but I love it nonetheless.


PHOTO #14 // EYES (more like a sneak peek)

That's it for today. I'm sorry for the delayed posts but they will come out pretty soon! I have to sort out my schedule if I want to do this full-time (almost).

And I am so excited for the new look! I have so many ideas which will have to come true even if that means googling "how to..." seven days a week. Aaarrgh, I will do it!!!

Thank you for reading :)

↯See ya soon!✌

September 07, 2014

Back To School | My Essentials

I don't know about you, but for me school has started almost a week ago. I was excited about going back to school because summer started to feel kind of boring with its sucky weather therefore lack of activities. Now it means we're getting back to work! I don't know whether I'm ready for what's ahead of me but let's just not think too far into future. Let's enjoy those exciting preparations for a new season instead!

What do I expect this year? Work, to be honest. This is my last year, so I have to as prepared as possible and I'm not talking just about final exams. They aren't that important to me and yes, as bad as it sounds, I won't be desperately preparing for them. While it was still summer, I've been thinking about a gap year, I had a strong opinion that I won't enroll anywhere after school. Now I have more sense (lol) and I want to go to uni (fingers crossed). So yeah, not only school work but I also will try to work majorly on my skills and on this blog. Not going anywhere!

NEWS: expect another blog style change and this time I will try my best to work on it. Finally got Adobe Illustrator working!!!

I started fall season with two new items: shoes and a bag. The shoes were a must because I don't have shoes. Wait, hold up, before you start bursting with laughter, lemme tell you - I really didn't have any shoes for fall except for sneakers but we all know I'm trying not to be a tomboy, so they didn't count!

*bling bling* what

I had to decide whether to get a girly bag or a small backpack for packing just my camera and a wallet when going out. My girls helped me decide and by the result of 3:0 the answer is obvious.

Now let's jump into my school essentials a.k.a. things I never leave my home without when going to school!

Textbooks. Duh. Why wouldn't I take them? Haha. They take up most of my bag space and why the duck they have to be so huge?

Headphones or ear-buds. I never ever ever leave home without one of these. When I do, may Lord help us all. I just can't at those times.
I choose ear-buds more often because they're more compact and will suit every outfit while headphones, being bigger, are more noticeable and won't go with heels and a dress. I use them mostly at home.
Headphones - Audio Technica
Ear-buds - Razer

Personal notebook. Here I keep all my lists, notes, thoughts and ideas. I have different sections for blogging, photography, general stuff etc. Comes in handy when an idea strikes or for simple planning while you're bored!

Wallet. All my non-existing money, monthly bus tickets, cards, receipts etc. go here. Do I need to comment more on that?

Keys. I love the boxing glove. Keeps me from losing my keys, unlike my brother who always loses his.

Pens. Didn't have time for a proper pencil case search. All my old ones are either broken or stupid. Now my pens enjoy the freedom whilst flying aimlessly inside my bag.

Phone. Seriously? DUUUH. Half of my life is in there! (The other half is in my computer...)

USB. I learned to always have this thing with me last year when I always didn't have anything to store information in. Now I have this Intenso thingy with me with important files, presentations etc. Comes in handy!

Planner & Sketchbook. I learned about planners not long ago as people in America or UK are used to have them? So I thought I will get one and make everything easier for me to plan. I always forget things! My memory is pathetic, to be honest and that week's view lets me see planned things just in a glance!
Sketchbook also comes in pretty handy. I don't particularly like to doodle (unlike most of the people) because I always lack of ideas but it's an amazing companion when I'm bored or I want to quickly note something: an idea, a vision, a project and similar things. Oh and I can't draw so it always gets funny when I look inside it.

That's about it! Little secret: my life and I am in chaos right now so I'm trying really hard to keep all of this going. Love all of you who are reading this. I spread my love, you spread yours too. ♥

↯See ya soon!✌

August 31, 2014

August 29, 2014

ME + PHOTO Challenge: Day 11 & 12

My wardrobe's fabulous BEFORE moment. Look at that pose! Such a model.


I have an external hard drive where I keep ALL of my files, pictures, documents... There's nothing much on my computer because I use it for my game and don't want to load my laptop with personal things that use so much space. I hate my laptop anyway because it's so old and broken. And it has broken USB ports. Whenever I plugged in my HDD, files were getting corrupted all the time. So I started using my brother's laptop. Today I was scanning and fixing my hard drive and my brother told me something happened and the scan had stopped. I immediately freaked out because I don't want to lose my footage FOR THE THIRD TIME. Long story short, the hard drive didn't open and I was tearing up but started preparing myself for the worst opened. All files were okay. Almost gave me a panick attack, not even kidding! We're good, though.

Finally finished reorganizing my wardrobe! It's so good to get rid of the clothes which I don't want to wear anymore. Thus it's hard, I get attached to things...LET IT GO, LET IT GOOOOOOO!

Tomorrow it's time for an old wardrobe to say 'bye bye'. By the way, I have Nutella and Milka chocolate at home so party at my house!


Don't get grossed out but I have a really unusual acne attack on my cheek. It's so bad that if I won't make it heal until Monday, I'll have to spicen up my back to school look with a decent amount of wounds on my face. It almost looks like somebody slapped me, I mean the redness and all the good stuff. Weeh.
I mean, I don't get these too often, maybe a few small spots throughout the week. This time it seems like I went to bed, explosion at night, boom - woke up with a bunch of new pals. Cool, aye?


I miss my two baby cousins so much! I can cuddle the little one all day but they are boys and they get shy and I can't do that too much. Another weeh. Also I miss my two besties already. We hung out like yesterday but it's been too long now! Guyyyyyys, I miss youuuuu!


Something Blue


Before you get confused, let me explain this. When the sun goes down after the sunset, it's time to turn on the lights at home. That's why this is under 'Sunset' title.

Here it is, another day, another challenge.
I'm currently working on a small project which I will be sharing with you next week! I'm pretty proud of it :3

Newsflash: school starts on Monday. Mixed feelings, I don't know whether to be happy or sad. But a whole another post about school laterrrrr!

↯See ya soon!✌

August 26, 2014

ME + PHOTO Challenge: Day 9 & 10

Hiii! I don't think you've noticed but I haven't posted my challenge for a few days. This means that this post is the continuation of the challenge.

You should see my room. No, actually, you shouldn't. You'd get freaked out because there are clothes all over the place. Since we have one room, my brother usually jumps over the piles to get to his bed. Life's tough, isn't it? Haha. I'm reorganizing my wardrobe and throwing most of my boy-ish clothes away. I don't know, after 18th birthday I feel like I need minor changes in my style. I used to be a tomboy and now I want something more feminine...but that's whole another topic. Maybe I should write more about it in another post. Not too sure, help me out perhaps? :)

Back to the challenge!


If I'll look like a total nerd after this, well, thank you for the compliment. I didn't choose to do this, the game chose me. Yup, my favourite thing to do right now is to play games. Not any games, but one and only, The Sims 3! As silly as it sounds, I love this game so much. After getting almost all of the expansions, I can't stop playin', it's too interesting (hands down, if I had only the base game...well, I wouldn't have just the base game - that's the whole point)! If anyone is interested (hahahahahhaahahhaha), I have three families - one is super secret, the other is with a sad story and the third involves two beach dudes who love water sports and they are secretly businessmen. Do I need to comment that?!


It's morning now, so the sun is glaring insolently through the window. It's cold though and quite windy. I'm predicting rain after noon. When I'll be in the city. Lucky me.



I chose two because I love the colours in the jumping picture and I love the emotion in the other one (we were fashion phenomenons, take a look yourself)

↯See ya soon!✌